1961 Lotus Elite S 2 Super 95

1961  Lotus Elite S2  Super 95.  The ultimate Lotus Elite in LHD and with the most powerful engine, the super 95 with the Weber carburettors.  Equipped with the ZF gearbox and big outside filler cap.  Matching numbers and fully restored to the highest level

Full description:

Like all Lotus cars from the Chapman era, the Elite is (most of all) a technological marvel

The exceptional Elite presented here is a rare Series II Super 95 model, built during the final year of production.  Series II car featured revised rear suspension, upgraded brakes (disc brakes all round) twin carburetors (here Webers), auxiliary oil cooler, a close-ratio ZF gearbox, a long-range fuel tank, and a more rugged five main-bearing crankshaft.  The Super 95 spec car had more power from a higher-tuned engine with raised compression and a fiercier camshaft with 5 bearings.  The engine is fitted with 2 Weber twin choke carburetors and offers 96 H, quite abit for a car that weights just 650 kg.

In addition to its driveline and suspension improvements, these late production Elites benefit from higher-quality coachwork constructed now by Bristol Aircraft and feature an NACA duct on the bonnet and a distinctive silver-colored roof.  In the back a big quick-release gas filler cap decorates the right rear fender.

With these competitive features, the Elite became a giant killer in races all over the continents from class winner at Le Mans to wins all over the USA in the famous SCCA races. The Elite achieved no less than 6 class wins in six years at Le Mans, were the car was reported with a fuel consumption of 20mpg !   In total just only 1.105 Elites were completed.

This Elite was sold by the factory on 29/06/1961 to R. Publisher.  It was sold soon to its second owner who retained it for more than 40 years, until his passing in 2004.

The next enthusiastic owner, who owned and raced Elites during the 1960s, recognized the rare opportunity to acquire a genuine Super 95, and purchased the car from the previous long-term owner’s estate.  During 6 years following his purchase, the car was given a ground-up mechanical and cosmetic restoration carried out by Essex Racing Services of Cumming, Georgia.  The matching numbers Coventry Climax engine was fully rebuilt by Nelson Engine Services to ensure impressive performance. 

After the restoration the Elite was sold to its fourth owner who intended to use the car and entrusted Canepa Designs with the sorting out of the car to make it as roadworthy as it was beautiful.  Just over $ 58,000.00 was extra invested into the Elite with every system being meticulously analyzed and optimized, totalizing over 300 hours of work in final details. 

All restoration records and tuning details are with the car and they are impressive indeed.   The current presentation of this example is beyond reproach, it is breathtaking to behold and surely one of the finest examples extent.  Every aspect of the car is restored like jewelry-fit to eat off above and below !


Simply a perfect car, so an unique opportunity.

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